Bamboo Apps Joins Car Connectivity Consortium

20 June 2019
Bamboo Apps Joins Car Connectivity Consortium

We’re excited to announce that Bamboo Apps is now a part of the Car Connectivity Consortium (ССС). As a member of the ССС, we’ll work on developing a global standard for smartphone-based car connectivity solutions alongside leading automotive, mobile communications, and consumer electronics innovators.

Supporting innovation and creating solutions responding to disruptive changes in the automotive industry has always been a part of Bamboo Apps’ mission. The company already has successful HMI and connected car app projects in its portfolio.

"Membership in the CCC will let us continue driving positive change by contributing to the development of the Digital Key standard for smartphone-car connectivity. As a member of the CCC, Bamboo Apps will have access to the Digital Key specifications and cross-industry workgroups. This will definitely advance our expertise in the connectivity domain. Moreover, soon we plan to present an R&D project based on the Digital Key standard."

Digital Key is a revolutionary solution in the connected car domain. It’s based on the idea of using smart devices, i.e. smartphones, as a key. The Digital Key specification will be built on Global Platform, GSMA, Bluetooth, and NFC. Core use cases of the technology include vehicle access, starting of the engine, and provisioning of the key to smart devices.

Extensive functionality makes Digital Key a beneficial solution for car OEMs, device vendors, fleet management and car-sharing businesses. But even though the CCC’ effort is mostly focused on Digital Key usage in automotive, the solution can also be implemented in real estate, hotel, and other industries.

Bamboo Apps and other members of The Consortium, such as BMW, Volkswagen, Apple, Google, Samsung, Harman, and other industry leaders, will work on making this promising technology adaptable and interoperable.

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