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Bamboo Apps Partners with Rinspeed to Deliver a New Concept Vehicle at CES 2019

Bamboo Apps and Rinspeed are now onboard with the realization of the microSNAP project.
Enhancing Onboard Connectivity. Rethinking HMI Design.

Moving fast in the automotive space, Bamboo Apps takes a step into the world of autonomous mobility. For a new concept vehicle, Bamboo Apps will provide a suite of connected car services and the futuristic UI/UX design for HMIs shaped by advanced ADAS features.

Our team is pleased to be a part of the project together with SAP, MHP, Ernst & Young and other global leading companies.

Frank M. Rinderknecht CEO Rinspeed
Frank M. Rinderknecht
Founder and CEO of Rinspeed Inc.
microSNAP -
Think Micro, yet Mighty!
microSNAP is a further evolution of the SNAP vehicle presented at CES 2018. With its compact dimensions, the new concept is created for all types of last-mile transportation tasks and smart express delivery.
Pod. Delivery case
microSNAP with a “retail pod”
Contributing to a Future Defined by Autonomy
Connected car apps development
Connected Сar App Development
Bamboo Apps is working on the development and implementation of connected car apps serving as a communication bridge between microSNAP and ecosystem. The apps we deliver cover key areas of the Connected Vehicle & Smart Mobility, allowing to access the vehicle securely, control main vehicle’s functions such as air conditioning, seat adjustment, interior lighting, etc., read CAN signals.
Level 5 Autonomy HMI: UI/UX Design
Level 5 Autonomy HMI: UI/UX Design
Bamboo Apps is working on UI/UX design for a futuristic HMI enriched by Level 5 Autonomy features. The futuristic HMI is developed as a complete in-vehicle system that combines the functions of infotainment, an instrument cluster, and a passenger display. Designing the system, Bamboo Apps creates a new - autonomous - in-car experience, which focus is shifting from traditional vehicle controls to delivering a wealth of information and entertainment.
Control Panel: UI/UX Design
Control Panel: UI/UX
Our designers are creating engaging, functional, and easy-to-reach-and-use interfaces for a Control Panel - a 12.3-inches multi-touch display passengers have at their disposal for interaction. Rethinking the user behavior inside a Level 5 Autonomous vehicle, we enriched interfaces of the Panel with additional controls and extended personalization.
Partnering with Industry Leaders
microSNAP is the product of the collaboration of more than 20 companies. Bamboo Apps is currently working on the integration of partners’ hi-tech solutions into the in-vehicle HMIs from the standpoint of design.
See you at CES 2019
Together with Rinspeed, SAP, Ernst & Young and other project partners, Bamboo Apps will reveal and present microSNAP at Harman booth at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. We would be happy to share more information about the concept vehicle and user experiences we delivered to it. Let’s meet in Las Vegas!
Igor Ponikarchik
Igor Ponikarchik
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Yauheni Svartsevich
Yauheni Svartsevich
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About Bamboo Apps
Bamboo Apps is a trusted software supplier and an inspiration partner for the world-leading automotive and mobility companies. Delivering connected car solutions, HMI & infotainment services, and UX/UI design, Bamboo Apps helps OEMs to create superior in-car user experiences with the enhanced onboard connectivity.
The company is proud to take part in the complete transformation of the industry by challenging conventional thinking and supporting automotive and mobility companies with the right resources.

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