How to build product-thinking mentality within your team

18 January 2018
How to build product-thinking mentality within your team

For this one we have an easy answer - go learn and practice.

This January managers and designers who have recently joined Bamboo Apps are coming to the British Higher School of Art and Design. They are attending the intensive course “UX & UI Design. Product-centric Approach” to build product-thinking mentality and design skills within the team. At Bamboo Apps, we start working on a project on the concept phase and it’s very important for all team members to understand and effectively use principles of UX design and product development. Thus, we don’t just do blind designing, coding, managing but work side by side with clients creating great apps and servicing together, learning from each other.

We will acquire new skills and experience in:

  • UX strategy development;
  • User interface design and prototyping;
  • User interface animation;
  • Information architecture;
  • Usability fundamentals;
  • Time management in product design process;
  • UX & UI industry software;
  • Digital storytelling;
  • Basics of digital marketing.

Here at Bamboo Apps, we are 100% sure that the core user experience is not a set of features and the user interface design is not a bunch of good-looking pictures and fancy layouts. Based on our 7+ years of experience in the launching of own-branded digital products we have understood a simple truth: product thinking gives our designers, consultants, agile coaches, and engineers the advantage of building the right features for the right people.That is why Bamboo Apps makes its #1 priority to cultivate a product-thinking mentality among all team members.

After successful completion of the UX & UI courses, all practical knowledge gained will be immediately applied to our current and upcoming products to make them user-oriented, functional and having a state-of-the-art design.

About Bamboo Apps:

Bamboo Apps is a Design & Software Studio with an enviable background in the product engineering domain. We design and develop connected solutions for key players in the automotive industry, mobility, and enterprise security. Working across the OEM supply chains, we build software including infotainment, HMI apps, and connected car services. We deliver the best user experience possible powered by design-centric approach, product-thinking mentality, and extensive tech expertise.

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