How we work
Our extensive experience, state-of-the-art processes, commitment to quality, team proficiency and skills convince automotive and mobility companies to choose us as the strategic outsourcing partner.

Engagement models

Depending on budget, timelines, and resource utilization expectations, Bamboo Apps offers a range of engagement models to align with your business needs.

Fixed scope/budget

When it works best

For short-term projects with a set scope, budget, and timelines. All tech documentation should be developed and available.


  • Project functionality is delivered according to the specifications
  • Minimal financial risks: no additional costs are involved
  • Elimination of potential misunderstanding between a client and an outsourcing partner

Dedicated team

When it works best

For complex long-term projects with expected growth of the scope and requirements for talent with specialized skills.


  • No overheads and recruiting costs
  • Full dedication of all team members to the project
  • Full control over the project progress
  • Possibility to change requirements and goals within the development process

Collaboration schemes

To provide seamless communication and greater project manageability, Bamboo Apps applies two schemes to the collaboration with client's internal teams.

RFI/RFP Response Process

At Bamboo Apps, we have developed a well-structured workflow for responding to RFI/RFP requests. As a result, we're able to provide sketches or prototype and a detailed estimate of a project scope within 2-3 weeks free of charge.

1-2 days
On-site or face-to-face call
7-8 days
Sketching & prototyping
Development & demo of clickable graphic design prototype
Remote sessions
Conference calls
4-5 days
Development & estimation of features
List of features and detailed breakdown of all costs
Remote sessions
Conference calls
3 days
Development & demo of proposal
Final document addressing all questions of RFI/RFP
Remote sessions
Conference calls

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